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Ecco Consulting Pty Ltd (established 2004) is an international oil and gas consultancy based in Adelaide, Australia, specialising in marketing, strategy, research and analysis logistics, economics, negotiation, research and analysis and commercial negotiation facilitation to the oil, petroleum, conventional and unconventional liquid fuels sectors. 

Conventional Fuels

Ecco Consulting Australia | Crude oils, condensates, LPG

Renewable Fuels

Ecco Consulting Australia | Biofuels, Ethanol, Biodiesel
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  • Ethanol
  • Biodiesel
  • Renewable diesel
  • Advanced biofuels
  • Renewable feedstocks

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Unconventional Fuels

Ecco Consulting Australia | LNG, CNG, Synthetic fuels
  • LNG (transport)
  • CNG
  • Synthetic fuels
  • Coal to liquids(CTL)
  • Gas to liquids (GTL)
  • Shale to liquids (STL)

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Commercial Negotiations

Ecco Consulting Australia | Coaching, Relationships, Negotiations
  • Coaching
  • Relationships
  • Options and preparation
  • Negotiation process and strategies
  • Managing outcomes

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Released in June 2018, AUSTRALIAN BIOFUELS 2018 is APAC Biofuel Consultants (Ecco Consulting and EnergyQuest JV) most up to date report on the Australian bio-based diesel, ethanol, advanced biofuel industry.  

After a period of declining biofuel demand in Australia, there appears to be a turnaround, driven by increased ethanol demand in 2017. But is the growth due only to mandates?  APAC's forecast shows further growth in ethanol demand over the next five years. How might this growth impact on Australia's fuel security?  Biodiesel demand and production still lingers. Is government policy working?  Material steps were also taken in 2017 to further develop advanced biofuels in Australia. For example, Qantas and Virgin Australia are actively trialing sustainable aviation fuels (bio-jet) to reduce emissions. With financial support from ARENA, Ethtec announced a $48m project in NSW to convert cellulosic waste to ethanol. These are just some of the many issues analysed in AUSTRALIAN BIOFUELS 2018.  

Now in its twelfth year, AUSTRALIAN BIOFUELS 2018 is Australia's only comprehensive and independent analysis of the Australian biofuel and advanced biofuel industries for its clients.

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