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Ecco Consulting Pty Ltd

Ecco Consulting Pty Ltd (established 2004) is an international oil and gas consultancy based in Adelaide, Australia, specialising in marketing, strategy, research and analysis logistics, pricing,  economics, negotiation, research and analysis and commercial negotiation facilitation to the oil, petroleum, conventional and unconventional liquid fuels sectors. 

Conventional Fuels

Ecco Consulting Australia | Crude oils, condensates, LPG

Renewable Fuels

Ecco Consulting Australia | Biofuels, Ethanol, Biodiesel
  • Biofuels
  • Ethanol
  • Biodiesel
  • Renewable diesel
  • Advanced biofuels
  • Renewable feedstocks

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Unconventional Fuels

Ecco Consulting Australia | LNG, CNG, Synthetic fuels
  • LNG (transport)
  • CNG
  • Synthetic fuels
  • Coal to liquids(CTL)
  • Gas to liquids (GTL)
  • Shale to liquids (STL)

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Commercial Negotiations

Ecco Consulting Australia | Coaching, Relationships, Negotiations
  • Coaching
  • Relationships
  • Options and preparation
  • Negotiation process and strategies
  • Managing outcomes

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AUSTRALIAN BIOFUELS 2020 - Where to from here?

MEDIA RELEASE  (November 2020) 'Aussie motorists shun biofuels against world trend as local supply tightens and growth incentives fail'    

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Go to the BIOFUELS page to view  other comments on the Australian industry and  comments on the  2021 Bioenergy Roadmap. 


As a part of its service to the industry, APAC provides clients with an updated and customed review of individual sectors of the Australian Biofuel industry.

In the past the Australian Biofuels report has typically covered all sectors of the industry similar to that set out in the Table of Contents of Australian Biofuels 2020.  However, not all sectors covered in Australian Biofuels are relevant to all clients. To meet client's individual requirements, APAC provides an updated review and updated analysis of the individual sectors of the industry, similar to those set out in the Table of Contents.  Alternatively, the client can specify its' own customed requirements.

APAC is a leading independent biofuel consultancy based in Australia which has been reporting on the Australian and world biofuel industry since 2006. It remains closely attuned to current developments in the Australian and world biofuel industry.

Please contact APAC at to discuss further your tailored requirements and pricing options.