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Australian Biofuels 2020 Where to from here?

MEDIA RELEASE:  "Aussie motorists shun biofuels against world trend as
local supply tightens and growth incentives fail"

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Over the past twelve months (to September 2020) low oil prices and Covid-19 have impacted on biofuel production economics in Australia.  So we ask - where to from here for the Australian biofuel industry having regard to:

  • growing biofuel production worldwide?
  • reconfiguration of Australian biofuel production capacity? 
  • mandate reviews maintaining status quo?
  • consumer aversion to biofuels?
  • outdated government support mechanisms?
  • Australia remaining a vital feedstock supplier to international renewable fuels markets?
  • the fast growing overseas interest in new technologies to produce 'drop-in' renewable diesel?
  • growing interest in biobased aviation and marine fuels?
  • competing with other emission reduction technologies in Australia?

The Low Emmission/Bioenery Technology Roadmaps currently being developed by the Australian Federal Government offers the biofuel industry a unique opportunity to respond to these new challenges beyond 2020.

Here is where APAC Biofuel Consultants, leading biofuel industry consultants in Australia, can help.

AUSTRALIAN BIOFUELS 2020 Where to from here?

Now in its fourteenth year of publication, APAC's Australian Biofuels 2020 again offers an extensive, up to date (September 2020) and in depth independent analysis of all aspects of the current Australian biofuel industry and key technical developments in the international biofuel markets.

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Australian biofuels is a small and complex industry for any investor or industry participant to navigate.

So don't miss out - be independently informed.

APAC Biofuel Consultants have been closely tracking, researching and advising the Australian (and international) biofuel sector since 2006. In addition to its advisory services to the Australian and international energy markets, APAC's annual report AUSTRALIAN BIOFUELS have kept clients up to date on the economic, market, policy and investment plays in the  biofuel sector.

If you wish to find out more about our proposed AUSTRALIAN BIOFUELS client report, contact APAC at: 

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