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Released in June 2019 and now in its thirteenth year of publication, AUSTRALIAN BIOFUELS 2019 is APAC Biofuel Consultants (Ecco Consulting and EnergyQuest JV) latest client report on the Australian bio-based diesel, ethanol and advanced biofuel industry.

AB19 offers a complete analysis of the current Australian biofuel industry.  Notable in this edition: decline in fuel ethanol demand; biodiesel recuperating marginally; high feedstock costs squeezing margins; mandates and Federal excise support mechanisms ineffective - need for 'clean sheet' policy review; stalled aviation biofuel developments; some advanced biofuel developments. 

Whether you are a participant in the bioenergy sector, a policy maker or a policy influencer, a trader or a potential investor, it pays to have an independent view and a  complete understanding of the Australian biofuel industry. AUSTRALIAN BIOFUELS 2019 does just that.

Click here for the AB19 flyer with the TABLE of CONTENTS, PRICE/ORDER FORM and STUDY TEAM details. 

About APAC Biofuel Consultants

APAC Biofuel Consultants, a joint venture between Ecco Consulting Pty Ltd and EnergyQuest Pty Ltd (, is a consultancy offering services to the biofuels industry in the following areas:
  • Independent industry reviews and studies (Australia and international)
  • Analysis and research
  • Demand and supply analysis, economics, and forecasts
  • Feedstock sourcing, valuation, pricing
  • Marketing and strategy development
  • Pricing strategies and competitor analysis
  • Sales/ offtake contract development and negotiation
  • Economics and pricing analysis
  • Government representation and policy development support policy
  • Industry Associations

Formed in 2006, APAC has become a leading specialist in biofuels and alternative fuels in Australia. It has undertaken many studies on biofuel pricing, price benchmarking, market analysis and forecasting and strategy analysis for government agencies, clients investing in biofuel facilities and, clients reviewing alternative fuel strategies, in Australia and overseas.

Clients include major oil companies, biofuel producers (existing and potential), investment banks, trading houses (petroleum and agriculture), governments (State and Federal), importers and terminal operators.

APAC Biofuel Consultants is noted for its comprehensive annual 'Australian Biofuels' report which is a key reference study for clients in the biofuel and alternative fuel industries in Australia. In addition, APAC Biofuel Consultants has made presentations at national and international conferences as well as to individual clients.

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COMMENT - Where are Australian biofuels heading? September 2019.

Between 2005 and 2010 there was a flurry of investment and interest in new biodiesel and ethanol plants in Australia.  In 2009, Australia had nine operating biodiesel plants and three operating fuel ethanol plants.  Come 2019, there are now only three operating biodiesel plants of scale and no change to the number of fuel ethanol plants.

State mandates plus the Federal Government's domestic excise support programs over the last nine years have failed to attract new investment of scale to the industry. However, there is some blue sky with new advanced biofuel projects in Australia.

Download here for an edited version of a presentation made to the Asia Pacific Fuel Industry Forum, Melbourne, in September 2019 covering some aspects of the current Australian industry. Australian Biofuels 2019 however, is the best reference for a complete explanation of the current status of Australian biofuels

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