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Unlocking the Full Potentialof Your Commercial Negotiation Process


'Corporations understand the true and lasting value that can be extracted from their high value commercial negotiations by having in place a proper process with clear strategies covering the wider commercialisation process.'  

So let me ask. How do you know whether or not you have achieved the rightful value for your corporation from the complex negotiation you have just completed?

Does your understanding of the negotiation process stack up?  Were you in control with clear strategies across your negotiation process for securing your built relationships and business sustainability?

Check: With your process, how did you manage, for example, misaligned embedded behaviours - from both sides, letting egos get in the way of stifling options exploration, bullying arguments and cultural misunderstanding.  Importantly, did you keep your integrity intact?

Challenging? Then let guide you and your corporation through your commercial negotiation process! 


  • An experienced based, online coaching resource based on the RONO™ model, developed by Ecco Consulting·       
  • Provides negotiation strategies and guidelines for optimising commercial negotiation outcomes, focusing on the process and outcomes  
  • Strategies cover the four Phases of the commercialisation process in the RONO™ model
  • Designed for negotiating high-value/low-volume commercial transactions, critical to your organisation’s cash flow
  • Appropriate for corporations and SME’s, especially for international negotiations.


  • Need for negotiations to focus on wider commercialisation process to extract true and lasting value for negotiation process
  • Need for a model that offers flexibility and experienced based strategies for adding value and setting a standard in your negotiation process
  • Need for commercial negotiation outcomes to facilitate business sustainability
  • Need for a coaching resource to develop commercial negotiation as a core skill in your business process.



  • Offers corporations and SME’s a PROCESS to optimise their commercial negotiations
  • Offers flexibility of negotiation style - personal, organisational, or cultural
  • Users can ‘hop-in/hop-out’ of guidelines relevant to stage in your commercialisation process
  • Assists experienced negotiators develop negotiation as a core skill in their organisation
  • Strategies and guidelines in the RONO model are ‘non-prescriptive’ 
  • Offers specialised one on one coaching in commercial negotiation (at a later date to be determined).


  • sales and marketing 
  • purchasing and procurement
  • acquisitions and mergers
  • government and international trade negotiations
  • joint venture negotiations
  • business development 
  • strategic alliances and partnerships

RONO™ is DIFFERENT (to other negotiation models)

  • Limited to high-value/low-volume commercial negotiations
  • Provides a structure of negotiation strategies and guidelines within each Phase of the commercialisation process, where value can be added
  • Provides a complete structure for commercialising your products or innovations, critical to successful business outcomes
  • Focuses on process and outcomes
  • Focuses on need to set a standard with your corporate commercialisation process
  • Based on over 25 years of commercialisation experience in the international resource sector
  • Supplements other business courses and literature on commercial negotiations.

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