Ecco Consulting Australia | Biofuels ethanol biodiesel, market analysis

Ecco Consulting Services

Areas of Specialisation

  • Coaching in commercial negotiation and commercialisation process
  • Online negotiation coaching resource to international market
  • Biofuels advisory (including SAF, renewable diesei, biodiesel, biomarine diesel, ethanol)
  • Independent transport fuels advisory
  • Oil/petroleum industry market analysis and research
  • Policy research and advice

Commercial Negotiation - Online Business Coaching Resource

  • Developer of RONO™ model, with experienced based strategies for adding value to your high value commercial negotiations 
  • Developer of, an online coaching resource based on RONO™ with strategies to optimise commercial negotiation outcome - for corporations (and SME's and individuals where appropriate)
  • for corporations, SME's and individuals

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Fuels and Energy Consulting

Crude Oil, Gas Liquids

  • Crude Oils, Condensates, Naphthas, LPG's.
  • Product marketing, valuation, and analysis
  • Midstream processing and splitting, splitting economics
  • Downstream, wholesale petroleum pricing and economics
  • Government representation and policy development support

Transport Fuels (CNG, LNG)

  • Compressed natural gas (CNG), LNG (for transport)
  • Industry reviews and studies (Australia and international)
  • Marketing and strategy development
  • Government and industry policy input and support.


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