Ecco Consulting Australia | Biofuels ethanol biodiesel, market analysis

Ecco Consulting Services

Areas of Specialisation

  • Conventional, unconventional and renewable fuels
  • Biofuel fuel specialisation 
  • Independent advice
  • Market analysis and research
  • Strategy advice
  • Pricing and valuation analysis 
  • Product quality economics
  • Liquid and gaseous fuels policy advice
  • Infrastructure developments
  • Refining and fuel security
  • Asian market development
  • Coaching in contract negotiation and commercialisation process

Ecco Consulting Sectors

Crude Oil, Gas Liquids (condensate, LPG, naphthas)

  • Product marketing, valuation, and analysis
  • Offtake and operational procedures/agreements
  • Field product pricing and valuation (crude oils and gas liquids (condensate and LPG))
  • Midstream processing and splitting, splitting economics
  • Optimisation studies
  • Product valuation for competitive applications (e.g. transport vs power generation)
  • Downstream, wholesale petroleum pricing and economics
  • Emissions evaluation and trading
  • Government representation and policy development support
  • Fuel security, infrastructure, import facilities and storage.

Unconventional fuels (CNG, LNG (transport), GTL, and CTL)

  • Industry reviews and studies (Australia and international)
  • Marketing and strategy development
  • Product valuation and pricing strategies
  • Comparative (with other fuels) economics and valuations
  • Feedstock sourcing and valuation
  • Emission valuations
  • Government and industry policy input and support
  • Industry Associations support


Coaching in Negotiation and Commercialisation

(for high value deals - Asian focus)

Ecco has deleloped a proprietary coaching and mentoring program designed to add value and set a standard for high value commercial transactions. 

The model focuses on the four critical steps in any commercial deal:

  • commercial relationship development
  • option development and negotiation preparation
  • negotiation process and strategies
  • managing outcomes.

Contact us for further details on how we can assist you adding value to your high value commercial deals.